IMAGINE! All the planning is now behind you. You've made the walk down the aisle, proclaimed your love, and exchanged those beautiful gold wedding bands.

Congratulations, you are now husband and wife. Now it's time to kick back, unwind, forget all the stress and let MarqueEntertainment take over the formalities of the reception.

The main reason couples choose a DJ is that the selection of music a DJ can play spans across all ages and tastes. Aside from the music, MarqueEntertainment will also act as Master of Ceremonies to help maintain proper flow of the reception.

Let us help coordinate reception events like: First Dance, Cutting the Cake, Wedding Toast, Tossing of the Bouquet and Garter.

Music is the most important and memorable part of the reception. Guests often do not remember the food or how beautiful the wedding cake was, but they will always remember the great party your reception was if you choose MarqueEntertainment.


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MarqueEntertainment will put the smile on your face, spring in your step, and make the beginning of your lives together a memorable, happy, and special memory you'll remember for the rest of your lives.
William J. Bissonette
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Father - Daughter Dance Mix 1
Father - Daughter Dance Mix 2
Some couples will actually pay more for a Vegetable tray or Cake cutting than they pay for their DJ. Sadly, is it any wonder why many guests don't stay much past the food serving. Your guests won't remember the food, but they'll remember a bad, good or great time. 
Basic Reception Package includes the DJ, Music, Sound System, Microphones,and Dance Floor Lighting for $80.00 an hour.  Call us to discuss this package or you can make your own from available choices.